NCC: National Cadet Corps

Chief visit of Director General (NCC) during Republic Day Camp (Jan-May 2016) NCC has been an important part of our college society and KNC girls have embraced it with pride. In the month of January 2016, our proficient candidates CdtNeha Mishra, CdtDhwani Gupta, Cdt Sri Vaishnavi actively participated in the Republic Day Camp. CdtNeha outshone […]

NSS: National Service Scheme

Report – 2015 NSS: NATIONAL SERVICE SCHEME Program Officer and Faculty Convenor: Dr Pragati Gautam On 24th February “Benevolence Blood Donation Camp” was organised in the college by Blood Connect and we witnessed active participation of a large number of students.  The NSS KNC session for the year 2015-16 began with the celebration of yoga […]

Students' Union

Report 2015-16 THE STUDENTS UNION ELECTION 2015-2016 PRESIDENT Arpita Chakravorty Political Science IIIrd Year VICE-PRESIDENT Ashima Banshal (H) IInd Year SECRETARY Jasleen Kanda (H) IInd year TREASURER Soumya Gaur English Ist Year PROCTOR-IIIrd YEAR Himani Sain Political Science IIIrd Year PROCTOR-IInd YEAR Komal Priya Singh Geography IInd Year PROCTOR- Ist YEAR Ritu Yadav […]

Placement Cell

Report 2013-14 PLACEMENT CELL Faculty Convenors: Dr. Pankaj Ahlawat and Dr. Rupali Bhardwaj Student Convenors: Himanshi, Saasha, Pooja and Kashvi The Placement cell was instituted in 2006 and ever since it has been working for not just providing employment but also for making the students employable. It is convened by Dr. Pankaj Alhawat and serves […]

Abhivyakti: Hindi Debating Society

अभिव्यक्ति हिंदी वाद –विवाद समिति ‘अभिव्यक्ति’ (हिंदी वाद –विवाद समिति ) छात्राओं को  वाद –विवाद के माध्यम से समय,समाज, देश,राजनीति और अंतर्राष्ट्रीय दृष्टिकोण के निरन्तर परिवर्तित होते परिदृश्य को व्यापक पटल पर प्रस्तुत करने का अवसर प्रदान करती है| ‘अभिव्यक्ति’ समिति वर्ष भर कई वाद –विवाद प्रतियोगिताओ का आयोजन करती रहती है | नवागत छात्राओं […]

Adagio: The Choreography Society

Report 2013-14 Faculty Conveners: Ms. Nupur Ray and Ms. Nupur Kataria Student Conveners: Surbhi Kapoor and Hitaishi Chaudhary Adagio, the choreography society of Kamala Nehru College has been taking up socially relevant themes to dance upon and has secured itself a position among the top Choreography teams of Delhi University. In the academic year 2011-12, its […]

Book Club

Report 2015 Faculty Convener: Ms. Sanam Khanna Student Convenor: Rupal Bhandari The KNC Book Club organises Meet’n’Greets with renowned authors every year. This encourages the students with writing or reading flair to be more interested in the club and meet all famous writers and know more about their style of writing. On 3rd September 2015, […]

Consumer Club

Report 2014-15 CONSUMER CLUB  Faculty Convenor: Dr. Sheetal Kapoor Student President: Ashna  The aim of the Consumer Club is to educate students to act as healthy consumers by making them aware of their rights, redress mechanisms and to act as beacons for the society. The Consumer Club released its fourth annual bulletin, Awaken, which brought […]

Crossfire: English Debating Society

Report 2015 Faculty Convenor: Sanam Khanna Student Convenors: Shreya Deora and Raveesha Gupta March 2015 saw Crossfire- the English Debating Society of Kamala Nehru College hosting its first ever Annual Parliamentary Debate Tournament, Munaazrah.  The tournament spanned over 3 days from 21st – 23rd March 2015 and saw participation of teams from all over India, […]

Enigma: The Western DanceSociety

Report 2015 Faculty Convenor: Dr Rita Malhotra Student Convenors: Aishwarya Shekhar, Shradha Rao, Ankur Dang Enigma- the Western Dance Society of Kamala Nehru College stands for versatility, passion, dedication, and above all love for dance. Being a member of a society requires a lot of hardwork and entails a lot of sacrifice. One needs to develop […]

Expressions: Creative Writing Society (English)

Report 2015 Faculty Convenor: Dr Rita Malhotra Student Convenors: Aishwarya Shekhar, Shradha Rao, Ankur Dang On 9th January 2015, the society organised its annual Inter-College competition on the theme: ‘Love, Peace and Harmony’. The event had two competitions, SPIN-A-YARN (on the spot creative writing competition) and MIND-TALK (wherein students read their writings). The event became […]

Gandhi Study Circle

Report 2013-14 Faculty Convenor: Dr Chetna Sharma On 30th January 2013, Mahatma Gandhi’s 65th martyrdom anniversary, we organized an event which included a musical tribute to Gandhi by the renowned singer Ankit Batra and an exhibition depicting various aspects related to Gandhi’s life. On 3 October 2013, the Gandhi Study Circle organized a talk by Dr. […]

Glitz: The Fashion Society

Report 2015 Faculty Convenor: Dr Rupali Bhardwaj The fashion society, ‘Glitz’ has brought many accolades and laurels for the college during 2015-16. The team secured first-position in fashion shows organised by Symbosis, Lady Irwin College, ARSD College, Shaheed Rajguru College of Applied Sciences, NSIT, NDIM, Youth Nexus, and University College of Medical Science. In addition, […]

Green Beans: The Eco Club

Report 2015 Faculty Convenor: Dr Sarita Ghai Student Convenor: Aishwarya Shekhar Green Beans, the environment society of Kamala Nehru College has always been a visionary society. In this era of climate change and global warming, each one of us should – and must – contribute towards making this planet a safer place to live in. […]

Initiative: Equal Opportunity Cell And Enabling Unit

Report 2015 INITIATIVE: EQUAL OPPORTUNITY CELL AND ENABLING UNIT Faculty Convenors: Dr Jyoti Dhawan and  Dr Pankaj Kumar Student Convenors: Avantika Bakshi (B.Com III Yr), Hina Fatima ( III Yr) and Nisha (Hindi Honours I Yr) The Equal Opportunity Cell/Enabling Unit of Kamala Nehru College celebrated its annual event ‘INITIATIVE’ on 12th February 2015, Thursday. […]

Kaleidoscope: The Quiz Society

Report 2015  KALEIDOSCOPE: THE QUIZ SOCIETY  Faculty Convenor: Rupa Basu In the past one year, from January – December 2015, Kaleidoscope, the Quiz-Society of KNC has added several distinctions to its credit. It has built a reputation for itself in the Delhi – NCR quizzing circle, established quizzing as a fun activity and encouraged students […]

Luminoso: The Fine Arts Society

Report 2015 Faculty Convener: Ms. Shikha Prakash and Victoria Potshangbam Luminoso began the July 2015 academic session with a workshop on clay sculpting held on 8th August, 2015. This workshop was conducted by Ms. Sonika Sri, who is an architect by profession and is keenly interested in a variety of fine arts. Our students participated […]

Lakshya: The Theatre Society

Report 2015 LAKSHYA: The Theatre Society Faculty Convenors: Monami Basu and Dr. Sonali Garg Created in 2002 with a vision to bring about change and question the existing stereotypes of our society through the quintessential medium of theatre, Lakshya- The Theatre Society of Kamala Nehru College has stood up to its motto of generating awareness […]

Madhursmriti: Old Students' Association

‘Shrinkhala’ the association of superannuated teachers of the KNC and Madhur Smriti, the Alumni Society of KNC, as a part of Golden Jubilee celebrations of the College organised a Panel Discussion on women issues on 8th of November 2014. The panellist were Ms. Monika Halan who spoke on ‘Women and Financial Literacy’, Professor Karuna Chanana […]

Nupur: The Indian Dance Society

Report 2015 NUPUR: THE INDIAN DANCE SOCIETY  Faculty Convenor: Sushma Chaudhary Student Convenor: Swati Bansal  In 2015, students from the society participated in various solo and group dance competitions, held across the university. In January, our students (Kritika Goel – Kathak) and (Arpita Chakravorty – Odissi) won first and second position in solo classical-dance competitions […]

Sangeetika: The Indian Music Society

Report 2015 Faculty Convenor: Mr. Naresh Kumar  ‘Even if the world ends, the Music will still survive’ – taking these immortal words of Ustaad Bismillah Khan to heart, Sangeetika, the Indian Music Society of Kamala Nehru College right from its inception has been providing a platform to those students who along with their academic engagements […]

Shining Network: Youth Empowering And Value Creating Society

Report 2015 Faculty Convener: Dr. Geetesh NirbanStudent Conveners: Ronika Vungmuamkim and Meenakshi Khosla As Kamala Nehru College had the valedictory session of the Golden Jubilee Celebration on 15th January 2015, ‘Shining Network’ made the arrangements for it. The team presented the fifty glorious years of Kamala Nehru College through a short film; the film aimed […]

Shrinkhla: Old Teachers' Association

Report 2015 SHRINKHALA and MADHUR SAMRITI ‘Shrinkhala’ the association of superannuated teachers of the KNC and Madhur Smriti, the Alumni Society of KNC, as a part of Golden Jubilee celebrations of the College organised a Panel Discussion on women issues on 8th of November 2014. The panellist were Ms. Monika Halan who spoke on ‘Women […]

Snapshots: The Photography Society

Report 2013-14 SNAPSHOTS: THE PHOTOGRAPHY SOCIETY Faculty Convenor: Dr Kalpana Bhakuni Student Convenor: Lipica Buttan  A performer performs and leaves the stage. The crowd admires and applauds. The photographer captures that moment for them, puts it together, instilling it in their memory forever! Usually behind the lens, a photographer is easily forgotten.  Whatever is captured […]

Srijan: Hindi Creative Writing

Report 2012-13 Faculty Convener: Dr. Sushma Sehrawat Department of Hindi सृजन                                                           (हिन्दी रचनात्मक लेखन समिति)                         […]

Wide Angle: The Film Society

Report 2013-14 Faculty Convener – Ms. Anubha YadavWide Angle, the film society, screened I am Kalam, Superman of Malegaon and Dera Tun Dilli in the first half of the academic year. Also, director Aparna Sanyal attended the screening of her National Award winning film Drop of Sunshine along with its protagonist. It dealt with the […]

Women’s Development Cell

Report 2015 Faculty Convener: Dr. Ambar Ahmad The Women’s Development Cell is a forum for discussing issues of gender, patriarchy and sexuality with and amongst the students. The primary purpose is to introduce them to the basic concepts of gender and link them to the experiences of their daily lives, enabling them to understand the […]

Zephyr: The Western Music Society

Report 2015 Faculty Convener: Nidhi Bhandari and Neha SinghStudent Convener: Aarti Talwar Zephyr, the Western Music Society of Kamala Nehru College, is a group of varied singers who have come together to create music. The choir is an Acapella group that creates the sound of instruments through their vocal chords. Students are selected through three […]