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Prospicio, at Kamala Nehru College was instituted in 2006 and since its inception it has been an integral part of the college. Guided by a set of rules and principles, it strives to maintain warm relations with firms. Preparing the recruitment schedule for the year, inviting firms for pre-placement talks on campus, followed by final placements and overseeing the process till the end, is the sole responsibility that Prospicio endeavors to carry our successfully.Our commitment for students is reflected in the rising quality of placements that students get every year.

Working in close coordination with its faculty advisor, it provides a launching platform for the students seeking recruitment to interact with potential recruiters on campus.


Since its formation, the aim of Prospicio has been twofold:
Firstly, to provide employment as well as internship opportunities throughout the placement season of one year by inviting companies to visit the campus for recruitment. Secondly, to make the students employable: we do this by conducting workshops and inviting organizations to deliver seminars and lectures on various aspects. These aspects aim to make the students job ready. Some of the major workshops are: soft skill sessions, psychometric tests and personality development seminars.


  1. Providing Employment and Internship opportunities:

  • Prospicio prides itself at providing quality employment opportunities. We prefer companies who offer course based opportunities. A detailed study is done about the company and its job offer on the scale of quality aspects i.e. work culture and work-life balance, etc. Hence, the companies approached are encouraged to conduct on-campus placement drives for maximum participation by the students.

  • Prospicio also recognizes the importance of having some on-the-job experience in the practical world to be suitable candidates for placement and, hence, provides a platform for myriad internship opportunities across various fields for all courses.

  1. Employability oriented workshops:

  • Career counseling
    We provide career counseling and spreading career awareness regarding various courses by organizing interactive lectures under the mentorship of senior corporate personnel and alumni.

  • Soft Skills and Personality Development
    Prospicio helps in personality grooming and provides students a platform for expression and enhancement of their soft skills. This instills a sense of confidence that motivates the students towards achieving their goals.

  • Training in personal interviews and group discussions
    Prospicio takes initiative in organizing brainstorming sessions that would make the candidates more employable and adept at facing the grilling interviews.

  • Psychometric tests
    These tests inculcate aplomb amongst the applicants and provide a launching platform to strengthen their competencies regardless of their courses.

  1. Communication about Prospicio’s activities:

 We ensure that the message reaches every possible beneficiary. Prospicio makes use of        various social media platforms for communicating, updating and interacting with the students.    These involve:

  • Facebook  Page

  • Placement portal of College website

  • Notice boards

  • Announcements

  • Message circulations via Whatsapp through class representatives

  4. Feedback: 

We strive to take Prospicio a notch higher every year and we understand the importance of   feedback. Hence, we take suggestions and reviews from the companies that visit our campus and also the students who are recruited for the jobs and internships.


The ultimate purpose of an academic institution is to incorporate in students the abilities, aptitudes and adeptness necessary for personal and professional growth; to proffer them a host of employment opportunities that suitably reward their endeavors.

What we stand for-

The empowerment of today’s women by enabling to exercise a strong influence on their personal, social, cultural and economic upliftment.

What we believe in-

Infusing positive energy and initiating in taking affirmative action to make each of us independent and self reliant.

What we strive to do-

In students, we encourage the ability to think independently and choose a way of life that enables one to live confidently and courageously. We aim at providing quality placements at reputed companies with high professional standards.


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Student Help Desk
  • Sample CV
  • Sample Covering Letter
  • Interview Tips 
  • Please note that the sample CV and sample resume are for reference only. It is not mandatory that your covering letter/resume be based on this pattern. However you must note that the name of the CV/Covering letter must be in the format provided.


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Dr. Pankaj Kumar , Ph: +919818522539



The students can also visit the placement cell office in the college.