Lecture by Mr Kumar Sundaram as organised by the Department of Economics under “Plural Eco”

Department of Economics, Kamala Nehru College, proudly announces the inauguration of its monthly lecture series “PLURAL ECO”. 
Pluralism in economics is a movement to include non-mainstream economic thought. It is a campaign to eliminate monism in economics and an attempt to include various schools of economic though and various approaches to understanding economics. The lecture series, that the department inaugurates in the golden jubilee year of KNC, will focus on opening our minds to the various other schools of thought, hence the name “Plural Eco”. We will inaugurate “Plural Eco” with a talk by Mr. Kumar Sundarama (Research consultant and spokesperson for CNDP -Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and peace. He is also an anti-nuclear activist) on the topic “The Indian nuclear story- a nation at crossroad” on 27th February, 10:00 am. The venue is council room. All are invited.