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22/08/2016 sports 2012-13

Sports (NSO)

Report of Activities

(January-May 2016)


  • SangeetaChoudhary participated in Triathlon Race(14 Km) at Gurgaon on 31st Jan 2016 & secured I position.
  • Soumya Participated in Long Jump & 100 mt Race in Dr Bharat Ram Sports Meet Organized by L.S.R College on 11th to 13th Feb 2016 & secured III position in both the events.
  • SangeetaChoudhary participated in Rajdhani Marathon Race (10 Km) at Delhi on 7th Feb & secured III position.


  • Bindu, Lipika&Priyanka represented NCR team in the North Zone Ball Badminton Tournament held at Allahabad on 29th Jan to 31st Jan 2016 & secured III position.


  • NehaTokas participated in Test Event of SAG in Boxing at Mizoram in the Month of Jan 2016.


  • Football team participated in the Intercollegiate Football Tournament From 28th Jan to 2nd Feb 2016 & secured II position.
  • Ishveena, Pragya, Krishna,Anushiya, Ishita represented Delhi University in North Zone Football Tournament held at Kanpur on 10th Feb to 14th Feb 2016 & secured II position. They all represented Delhi University team in All India Intervarsity  FootballTournament from 23th Feb to 3rd March 2016.


  • Jasjot represented Delhi University in All India Intervarsity Tournament held at Patiala from 7th Jan to 11th Jan 2016. Team secured III position in Rhythmic Gymnastics (Team Championship)


  • Farida (44 Kg) &Shama (63 Kg) participated in the Mata Sundri Inter College Judo Competition on 21& 22 Jan 2016 & secured III & I place in their respective weight categories.
  • Jyoti (63 Kg (20 sr Category) &Diksha(63 Kg (W Category) participated in the36th Delhi State Judo Competition held on 9th Feb to 11th Feb 2016 & secured Gold & silver medal in their respective weight categories.
  • Farida(44 Kg), Neetu (44 Kg), Nasreen(52Kg) ,Soumya(52Kg), Shama( 63kg) participated in the Dr Bharat Ram Sports Meet Organized by L.S.R College on 11thto13th  Feb 2016 & secured Gold, Silver, Bronze, Bronze & Silver medal in their respective weight categories.


  • Jyoti Participated in the 6thSr National Kurash Championship held at Mumbai in the month of March & secured III position in 63 Kg weight category


  • Akshita (53 kg) Muskan (54kg), Aparna (56kg) &Moulina(63kg) participated in the 4thCh.Ran Singh Memorial Grand Prix Taekwondo Championship held at Indira Gandhi Sports Complex on 23rd& 24thJan 2016. All secured III position.
  • Aparna, Rashmi(62 kg) &Moulina (67kg) secured III position in their respective weight categories in Bharti Cup Taekwondo Championship held at Bharti College on 27th to 29th Jan 2016.
  • Aprna(57 kg) &Moulina (62 kg) secured II & III position in their weights in the Miranda College Sports Fest on 11th Feb 2016.
  • Aparna secured III position in Inter collegiate Taekwondo Championship held at Multipurpose Hall of D U from 1st March to 4th March 2016