Department Activities

Time(Month/Year) Events Attachment
13/11/2013 Mathematics 2010-2011
13/06/2014 Mathematics 2012-13
02/03/2016 Mathematics 2013-14
22/08/2016 Mathematics 2014-15
11/06/2017 Mathematics 2015-16

Report of Activities (2016-17)

In the year 2016, the Mathematics department organized a talk by Dr. Lakshmisree Bandopadhyaya on “Applications of Probability and Statistics in Queuing Theory” on 18th February 2016. A large number of students took interest in attending the talk and later gave a positive feedback. After seeing the enthusiasm of the students, another talk was conducted by Dr. Sumit K. Bhatia on the “Effect of Pollution on SIR model with Treatment” on 22nd February. A one-day State Level Seminar was organized on the 4th March. Many eminent speakers shared their knowledge on different topics and motivated the students.

Dr. Dhananjoy Dey, scientist ‘E’ at DRDO talked about “Algebra in Cryptography”.  Dr. Aparna Mehra, associate professor IITD spoke on “Ranking Super Efficient Decision Making Units”. Professor C.S. Lalitha enlightened the students with her talk on “Mathematics of Tomography”. The seminar concluded with a panel discussion. The panelists of the day were Dr. B.K. Tyagi, Dr. Jagmohan Rai and Dr. Satish Verma. On 5th March, the Mathematics day ‘Omicron’ was celebrated. Dr. Asha G. Shankar elucidated on the topic “Soaring Into The Sky”. The year ended with the faculty talk arranged on 24th October briefed by Dr. Anuradha Gupta, Associate Professor, DCAC on “Fractal Theory”.