Department Activities

Time(Month/Year) Events Attachment
13/11/2013 Mathematics 2010-2011
13/06/2014 Mathematics 2012-13
02/03/2016 Mathematics 2013-14
22/08/2016 Mathematics 2014-15

Department of Mathematics

Report of Activities

(January-May 2016)

 The Department organized the following activities:

  1. Workshop on “Applications of probability and statistics in queuing theory” on 18th February, 2016. The invited faculty was retired associate professor from university of Delhi.
  2. Workshop on “Effect of pollution on SIR model with treatment” on 22ndFebruary, 2016. The invited faculty was DrSumit Bhatia, Assistant Professor, Amity University.
  3. A one day state level seminar on ‘Mathematics and its Applications’ on 4th March, 2016.

 The eminent speakers who visited to the department were:

Dr. DhananjoyDey, Scientist ‘E’, DRDO New Delhi.

Dr. AparnaMehra, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, IIT Delhi.

Dr. C S Lalitha, Professor, Department of Mathematics South Campus, University of Delhi.