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13/11/2013 Journalism 2010-11
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02/03/2016 Journalism 2013-14
22/08/2016 Journalism 2014-15
11/06/2017 Journalism 2015-16

Department of Journalism  

Report of Activities (2016-17)

The Department of Journalism organized a number of workshops, film screenings and talks throughout the year 2016. The department organized its two-day academic fest ‘Journo Junction’ on February 15 and 16, 2016. The theme of Journo Junction 2016 pertained to “Shrinking Democratic Spaces”. The theme was chosen in keeping with the debate on intolerance that has been taking place in the country in recent times. Journo Junction explored the theme of ‘Shrinking Democratic Spaces’ through a series of sessions conducted by experts from the media. The academic fest commenced on February 15, 2016 with an inaugural address by Ms. NeerjaChowdhry, senior journalist who explored the theme of the festival narrating numerous examples of the climate of intolerance prevailing in the country and how the media was also getting stifled. This was followed by a session on “The Contradictions of Free Speech in India” by Mr. SiddharthNarrain, Lawyer and Research Associate, CSDS, Delhi. The afternoon session of the fest comprised a talk on “The Censorship of Films” by Ms. GargiSen, Filmmaker. This was followed by the screening of the highly-acclaimed film ‘Court’.

The second day of the fest on February 16th, 2016 had two lectures pertaining to “Accountability of Democratic Institutions” by Dr. Parth Shah, Founder President, Centre for Civil Society and another talk pertaining to “Artistic Freedom” by Mr. Sanjay Austa, Writer and Photographer. The academic fest concluded with a Street Play by renowned theatre group, Asmitha. Alongside the academic talks, there were competitions on photography and creative writing. Other than this, media quiz and debate spread over the two days of the fest.

Stude 3ennb nts of the department of Journalism benefitted from an illustrative talk on Photography by Ms. Paroma Mukherjee who presented a panoramic view of photographs capturing prominent events and personalities in post-Independent India.  The talk was titled ‘Photography in India as a Mirror of Socio-Cultural Transition- From the 1980s to Now.’ The Journalism department held a talk by Nupur Tiwari, Journalist, NDTV on September 16, 2016. Ms Tiwari who works as a Resident Editor, Europe for NDTV gave an account of her experiences of news coverage in France and useful tips for aspiring journalists on international news reporting.

Arfa Khan, an ex-NDTV Journalist gave a talk on ‘Media and Reportage of Marginalised Communities’ on 17th August 2016. MrKedar Reddy, artist, activist and game designer from California gave a lecture on “Digital Games as Activism” to the students of Journalism on October 1, 2016. Professor Surekha Deepak of the Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media (IIJNM), Bangalore delivered a lecture on 8th November on the topic: ‘Where The News Industry Stands Today’.

A Camera Workshop was organized for the students of the third year during October 2016, conducted by the documentary film expert, Ms Natasha Badhwar. The students were trained in various aspects of shooting, editing and film production techniques. The Third year students produced four documentary films. The second year students of the Department of Journalism undertook research projects on advertising that comprised powerpoint presentations and videos on brand launches. The second year Journalism students received training in radio production at DU Community Radio (DUCR). The students also scripted and produced radio programmes as part of their training. The second year students made display boards on ‘Women in the media’, while the first year students of Journalism designed wall papers on digital newspapers.

Journo Junction- 2017: Academic festival of the Department of Journalism

Journo-Junction, the academic festival of the Department of Journalism, KNC, was held on March 8, 2017. The theme of this year’s Journo Junction pertained to “Media in the Digital Era- Issues, Implications and Challenges”. The theme was chosen in the context of the current digital media revolution which is in full swing, propelled by the rapid growth of the Internet and proliferation of mobile applications capable of accessing information electronically from virtually anywhere.

Journo Junction explored the theme of ‘Media in the digital era’ through a series of academic sessions chaired by experts belonging to diverse media fields.  The festival began with an inaugural address by Mr Josy Joseph, National Security Editor at The Hindu. Mr Jospeh is a leading investigative journalist and author of the highly acclaimed book, ‘A Feast of Vultures: The Hidden Business of Democracy in India’. Mr Joseph spoke to the students about his experiences in investigative journalism and stressed on the need for ethical journalistic practices in the current digital era. He released the Journalism newspaper, “The Communiqué”, designed and produced by the students of the department.

The second academic session at the fest comprised of a talk by Dr KaushikBhowmick, Associate Professor, Cinema Studies, School of Arts and Aesthetics, JNU. Dr Bhowmick spoke at length about how the digital era has redefined the identity of cinema in contemporary times.

The final academic session at the festival comprised of a talk by Ms.Paroma Mukherjee, an independent photographer. Ms Mukherjee gave an illustrated lecture on “Instagram as a game-changer for digital photographers”. 

Besides the academic sessions, Journo Junction also showcased performances by digital artists who have made it big through social media platforms. There was a magic show by PoshakDua which drew a large crowd of enthusiastic students. The final performance in the evening comprised of a rock show by the band Rockstrings. Alongside the academic talks, there were competitions on photography and feature writing, besides a media quiz and debate which saw a good response from students of various DU colleges and other universities.

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