Undergraduate Courses


B.A. HONS- Journalism, Economics, English, Geography, Hindi, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sanskrit, Sociology

B.Sc. HONS- Mathematics

B.A. PROGRAMME- Economics, English, Geography, Hindi, History, Mathematics, Philosophy, Political Science, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Sociology.

B.A. PROGRAMME- Advt. Sales Management and Sales Promotion.


Office Management and Secretarial Practice, Industrial Relations and Personnel Management.

B.COM. Honours


B.A. (Programme) Options-2010-11


  1. ASPSM- Economics, Psychology, Mathematics
  2. Economics- ASPSM, Geography, Mathematics
  3. English- IRPM, Sociology, Psychology
  4. Geography- Economics, OMSP, Philosophy
  5. History- Political Science, Sanskrit, Philosophy
  6. IRPM- English, Sociology, Mathematics
  7. Mathematics- Economics, IRPM, ASPSM
  8. OMSP- Philosophy, Political Science, Geography
  9. Philosophy- History, Geography, OMSP
  10. Political Science- OMSP, History, Sanskrit
  11. Psychology- ASPSM, Sociology, English
  12. Sanskrit- History, Political Science
  13. Sociology- Psychology, English, IRPM


Students of B.A Programme will be required to offer one of the following Foundation Courses offered by the college in the 2nd year of their course

Foundation Courses

  1. Human Rights, Gender and Environment.
  2. Language, Literature and Culture (English Medium)
  3. Language, Literature and Culture (Hindi Medium)
  4. Social Enquiry

In the 3rd year they require to opt for one of the following Application Courses (selected by the College)

Application Courses

  1. Banking and Insurance
  2. Consumer Affairs
  3. Creative Writing
  4. Indian Art
  5. Disaster Management
  6. Physical Education


  1. Department of Economics- Mathematical Awareness, Environmental Issues in India
  2. Deparment of English- Ethics in Public Domain, Gender and Society, MIL-Individual And Society.
  3. Department of Geography- Environmental Issues in India, Gender and Society
  4. Department of Hindi- Ethics in Public Domain, Reading Gandhi
  5. Department of History- Environmental Issues in India, Individual and Society
  6. Department of Mathematics- Environmental Issues in India, Individual and Society
  7. Department of Philisophy- Mathematical Awareness or Ethics in Public Domain, Gender and Society.
  8. Department of Political Science- Reading Gandhi, Ethics in Public Domain.
  9. Department of Psychology- Gender and Sociology.
  10. Department of Sanskrit- Ethics in Public Domain, Reading Gandhi.
  11. Department of Sociology- Gender and Society, Individual and Society.