Principal’s Message



 Kamala Nehru College stands in the frontline of ‘A’ Grade colleges of Delhi University, as accredited by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) in the year 2016. As an institution, Kamala Nehru College nurtures the growth of fine human resources in their formative years. Where they enter as girls and step out in the world of challenges as young women- full of charm, self-confidence and sharp intellect. In the progressive environ of the college we make them ready to perform in the fiercely competitive world with their heads high and feet firmly rooted in the ground. Slowly and surely, they are shaped up by the mentorship of a caring, competent and committed faculty. They learn how to be winners, be it academics, dramatics, arts or sports. Their free spirit to outreach the social needs through various programs, is encouraged in every measure. Here, the teaching-learning process is an experience in itself where the students explore andrealizetheir potentials.And all this is further accentuated with a wide array of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

KNC is known for its excellent infrastructure which is counted amongst the best in the University.The non-faculty, library and other support staff, are like the load bearing pillars of this institution. The beautiful wall decors, well-manicured plants, aesthetically laid out amphitheatre, state-of-art auditorium, lively cafeteria and gym- all lend a fuller experience of college life. The campus of Kamala Nehru College is a live catalogue of trees and plants found in Delhi, all of them neatly counted with botanical names inscribed.
Kamala Nehru College is fully committed to all its stakeholders, specially to the students as the prime stakeholder, to give them a world of their own with lot of sunshine and smiles!


Dr. Kalpana Bhakuni