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   Kamala Nehru College stands in the frontline of ‘A’ Grade colleges of Delhi University, as accredited by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) in the year 2016. As an institution, Kamala Nehru College nurtures the growth of fine human resources in their formative years. Where they enter as girls and step out in […]


Smt. Kamala Nehru was a flame that flickered briefly during the raging storm of the freedom movement in India but left the imprints for generations to follow… Her contribution as an individual is not known to everyone. During the freedom struggle, she braved lathi-charges, organised processions, addressed meetings and led picketing of liquor and foreign […]

Roll Of Honours

RESULT STATEMENT OF ANNUAL EXAMINATION APRIL, 2010 S.No Course Class Highest Marks Name of Student Position in SDC UNIV P 1 B.A.(P) I 286/400 DIVISHA BHARTI NIL   2 B.A.(P) II 281/400 NEEL KAMAL MEHRA NIL   3 B.A.(P) III 809/1200 SAANIYA SAXENA NIL   4 B.COM(P) I 299/425 SURBHI SHUKLA NIL   5 B.COM(P) […]


 WITHOUT KNOWLEDGE THERE IS NO SALVATION The college emblem is of Buddhist origin and can be seen on top of the grand gateway to India’s oldest stone structure, the Sanchi stupa. It is also engraved in other Buddhist heritage sites such as Amravati. The motto ‘rite gyannannamukti’ (Without knowledge there is no salvation) is from the Vedas. Together, the […]